About Living Wellness Counseling

Online therapy provides an opportunity to discover self, explore thoughts and feelings, leading to creating more meaningful moments in your life.

Living Wellness Counseling, LLC was created with a pure heart to assist individuals with various necessities for living our most authentic life. Our collection of services provides a caring and supportive environment for clients to share experiences and discover their authentic selves while exploring life goals and bringing a more mindful approach to everyday experiences. We provide an experience that is creative, individualistic, and professional for our clients.

Our practice utilizes a variety of therapeutic strategies because not all individuals and situation fit into a defined category.

Our Approaches:

Areas of Specialty:

Our Mission & Vision

To provide our clients services and experiences grounded in integrity, fairness, transparency, and professionalism. Together with this work, we commit to being creative, ethical, and a shared willingness to learn and grow, seeking life balance.

One of my signature phrases used in practice is to encourage clients to "let things develop organically and just invest at the moment."

This comes from years of experience and training of being focused on the moment rather than caught in the fast pace of life.

Our commitment to our clients is to treat you with the utmost respect as an individual, create a safe space with no judgment, steadfast confidentiality, and solid and supportive boundaries while addressing concerns and creating new ideas and practices.

Dr. Shana Garrett, LPC, NCC

Working full-time while attending school full-time was my journey to becoming a therapist. Along the way, life provided many exceptional learning experiences that influenced my continuous desire for insights into how we connect to experiences, moments, and people as part of this life’s journey. These reactions and understandings set forth our journeys which impact our lives.

Functioning in the demanding environment of both Corporate America and Higher Education has been part of my journey, but surviving cancer was the shift needed to make living my most authentic life my priority.

I’m passionate about the collaborative process of discovering your curiosities with a focus on cultivating solutions. So many emotions and life experiences are the catalysts for creating change and crafting an authentic and well-balanced life. Sometimes, we just need someone to assist us on the discovery journey.

photo of Dr Shana Garrett
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